• Creating and updating employee profiles
  • Entering and checking the monthly variables
  • Calculation and control of wages
  • Preparation of payment files and accounting documents
  • Transmission of payslips and wage statements to employees (electronically or on paper)
  • Transmission of monthly withholding tax statements to the competent authorities
  • Preparation of AHV, UVG, UVGZ and PGM statements
  • Carrying out the annual wage settlement


  • Membership of employees in social partners
  • Registration and tracking of accident/illness cases
  • Management of memberships and notification of changes to AHV and BVG funds
  • Carrying out applications for family/training allowances and EO
  • Issuing applications for work permits
  • Preparation of certificates and other employer documents on request


  • Processing expense reports
  • Tracking working hours
  • Management of holidays and absences
  • Monitoring of evaluation campaigns
  • Checking, validating and updating employee data
  • Updating the employee file
Our HR experts are familiar with small and medium-sized companies as well as companies with multiple locations and follow a strict process to process your salaries on a monthly basis. The exchange via the HR portal offers you absolute security in terms of the accuracy and security of the information and documents transmitted. Your trusted contacts are more than just administrators, they are with you every day in an informed way throughout your HR administration.

Time savings and serenity in everyday life

Easy exchange of information via the HR CAFÉ portal

Expertise and HR consulting nearby 

Central point of contact for managing your HR activities

All data is hosted in Switzerland

Publisher and integrator of the HR CAFÉ portal, which is used for dialogue with our team.

A SwissDec-certified IT solution


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